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Pagani Tomato Paste 4.5 oz tube (Wt: 8 oz.) ">Pagani Tomato Paste 4.5 oz tube (Wt: 8 oz.)

Pagani Tomato PasteThis 4 1/2 oz. tube of double thick tomato paste, from Italy, is convenient and economical when your recipe calls for just a "little". Wt: 8 oz.Martelli PastaIn Lari, Italy, the Martelli's make this pasta according to old traditional methods. Durum wheat semolina is slowly worked with water into dough and then passed through a bronze mold. Slow drying on wooden racks creates pasta that's better tasting than the commercially produced products. Martelli pasta cooks in less time than commercially produced products and doubles in width and length during cooking. Available in four types. 17.5 oz. bags. Wt: 2 lbs.San Marzano TomatoesOne taste and you'll see the difference! These are without a doubt the finest domestic canned tomatoes available today. Handpicked when they are fully ripened, they are firm and meaty, with very few seeds, low in acid and high in fruitiness. They are available in both whole and in crushed varieties. 28 oz. cans. Wt: 2 lbs.San Marzano SauceIf you're in a rush and can't make your own sauce, this is the solution! This delightful Marinara sauce contains the domestic San Marzano tomatoes, imported Italian olive oil and the finest fresh products required to produce a truly outstanding sauce. 26 oz. jars. Wt: 3 lbs.

Southwestern Blend Pasta  (1 1/2 lb.) ">Southwestern Blend Pasta (1 1/2 lb.)

Pasta with a decidedly zesty flavor includes Blue Corn Ziti, Maize Amore, Red Chili Lumaches and Jalapeo Fuscilli. Really wakes up a salad.

A Taste of Italy Gift Basket (Large) ">A Taste of Italy Gift Basket (Large)

From Italy, where food is a passion! Our exquisite selection of old world favorites celebrates this passion in grand style. Includes imported Italian pasta, sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, biscotti, gourmet coffee and other traditional Italian specialties. Delizioso! (Large shown)

Tri-Colored Orzo - 1.5 lbs ">Tri-Colored Orzo - 1.5 lbs

Mother Nature’s palette paints durum wheat pasta in brilliant shades of spinach and red peppers. Rice-shaped pasta is so easy to cook and dishes up beautifully in vegetable salads and hearty soups. (3-8 oz. pkgs.)

Viva Italia Dinner For Two ">Viva Italia Dinner For Two

This dinner is on the table in fifteen minutes. Pasta, sauce and chocolate biscotti. Plus some gourmet crackers and Tomato Basil Bruschetta to nibble on while preparing dinner. (Shipping included to lower 48 states, also includes recipes.)

Pasta-To-Go Gourmet Kit ">Pasta-To-Go Gourmet Kit

Have pasta will travel in this wicker suitcase. Surprise your favorite gourmet food lover with this selection of three delicious pastas, two extraordinary marinaras, one delicious pesto, bottle of extra virgin olive oil, cruet of balsamic vinegar, elegant crackers, tomato basil bruschetta, salad dressing and triple chocolate biscotti. Includes shipping to lower 48 states and recipes.