Great gifts for wine lovers -
Kinderwood Merlot Kinderwood Merlot

The Kinderwood Merlot is fast becomming an old friend as this third resupply has created quite a commotion. The style of the Kinderwood is very easy to enjoy,with solid currant flavors and just a modest touch of oak. The price is a pleasant surprise in today's Merlot market!

Ice Wine - Hainfelder Kirchenstuck Eiswein Ice Wine - Hainfelder Kirchenstuck Eiswein

Mr. Glaser has graced our cellars once before with a magnificent Eiswein a.k.a. ice wine made from the truly unique Ehrenfelser grape, a Riesling and Mueller-Thurgau hybrid, which is taking a more important position in recent production. This Eiswein is concentrated (capital"eC"e) and extremely "elively"e! Beautiful package.. beautiful!! (375 ml.)

Sommerhauser Steinbach Eiswein Sommerhauser Steinbach Eiswein

For the first time ever in our range...a FRANCONIAN EISWEIN!!! This is truly the rarest of the rare. It is rare to find BA, TBA, or Eiswein from Franken ,this home for Germany's "edriest"e wines. But they are exceptional when they are produced. This estate-bottled beauty is made from the king of Franconian varietals...Silvaner! (375ml Bocksbeutel Bottles) SSEH91

Bissersheimer Held Scheurebe Eiswein Bissersheimer Held Scheurebe Eiswein

Here is one of the few Eiswein produced in 1994. Mr. Bender found this wine to be so spectacular he bottled it in a "especial 375ml white (actually clear) frosted bottle with an 'artists' label."e The package is stunning, and so is the wine! This will certainly be a collector's item. (375 ml.)

Maddalena Zinfandel Blanc Maddalena Zinfandel Blanc

Following in the footsteps of the Wildwood White Zinfandel, we searched for a replacement which offered the same clean, well balanced style and are very happy with the results. Not overly sweet like many zin blanc's, this wine is one selected out ofover 20 samples to fill an important spot in our program. Light strawberry flavors with an attractive "esalmon"e hue.

Varhegy Late-harvest Cabernet Sauvignon Varhegy Late-harvest Cabernet Sauvignon

For years our Varhegy Cabernet Ausbruchs have been recognized as some of the very best of their genre. Due to the recent changes in the Hungarian wine law, our 1997 Cab does not carry the Ausbruch designation, although the wine is as rich and flavorful as its predecessors. This is a fine late-harvested Hungarian Cabernet, estate-bottled at the Egervin winery in Hungary. Sweet, rich Cabernet fruit, is carefully crafted for balance and flavor. This wine is beautifully made and balanced with natural fruit sweetness.